General Chair
Kristin S. Rinne , Chief Technology Officer, Cingular Wireless
WCNC PATRONS A professional in the telecommunications industry for more than 25 years, Kristin S. Rinne is the Chief Technology Officer at Cingular Wireless and responsible for industry standards development, long range technology planning, and the network and device planning for new products and services. Prior to serving as the CTO, she was the company's Vice President - Technology and Product Realization. Rinne served as Vice President - Technology Strategy for SBC Wireless and also worked as Managing Director - Operations of Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems prior to her tenure with Cingular. She also holds the office of chairperson for 3G Americas, an industry trade group focused on propagating the use of GSM technology throughout the Americas.

Technical Program Chair
Lajos Hanzo , University of Southhampton, UK

TPC Vice Chair - Physical Layer
Dinesh Rajan , Southern Methodist University, USA

TPC Vice Chair - Network Layer
Mooi Choo Chuah , Lehigh University, USA

TPC Vice Chair - Services
Abbas Jamalipour , University of Sydney, Australia

TPC Vice Chair - Tutorials
Gordon Stuber , Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

TPC Vice Chair Technology/Business Applications Panels
Walter Tuttlebee , Mobile VCE - Virtual Centre of Excellence in Mobile & Personal Communications, UK

Publications Chair
C K Toh , Queen Mary University of London, UK

Albena Mihovska, University of Aalborg, Denmark

Bruce Worthman

Local Arrangements Chair
Halim Yanikomeroglu, Carleton University, Canada

Conference Manager
Debora Kingston

WCNC Steering Committee Chair

Roberto de Marca

IEEE Communications Society , President
Nim Cheung, President
Harvey Freeman, VP, Membership Services
Sergio Benedetto , VP Technical Activities
Fred Bauer, Director, Meetings & Conferences
John M. Howell, Executive Director
Brian Bigalke, Dept Head, Meetings & Conferences